11 Benefits of Learning an Instrument as a Child

benefits of playing instrument as a child

If you haven’t heard it for yourself, you’ve seen it in movies: the screech of a child’s instrument echoing through the house and leaving a trail of borderline bleeding ears in its wake.    Suppose you are considering music lessons for your child. In that case, you may be scrambling up a cost/benefit analysis in […]

How to Decide What Instrument to Learn to Play

choose an instrument to play

You love everything about music — the sound, the way it makes you feel, the type of emotion it evokes.   There is no better way to truly connect with music than to learn how to play an instrument. But this requires dedication and commitment.    How do you choose the right instrument for you? […]

Music and its Effects on Mental Health

By: Haley Boyer Have you had a musical experience that changes you? Maybe you played music for years, and it’s changed the way you operate within the world, or even the way you think about yourself. Maybe you went to such an amazing concert that left you with post-concert euphoria for hours or days afterwards. […]

Best Age to Start Violin Lessons

There is no specific age at which to begin playing the violin. Some musicians will pick up the instrument as early as the age of three, while others wait until retirement to find a new hobby.   Anyone who has the desire to learn, should be able to pick up the instrument and feel accomplished with their […]

Should I Learn Bass or Guitar? How to Choose Which Is Right for You

should i learn electric guitar or bass

Have you finally committed to learning an instrument but you’re not sure whether the bass or the guitar is right for you?   Do you picture yourself shredding at the front of the stage or grooving in the back?   Many musicians find themselves staring down this common crossroad.    Although these two instruments belong […]

How to Practice Piano

By Gillian Perkins Practice Policy | Private students are expected to practice daily on a well-maintained instrument.  The practice area should be located in a quiet area away from distractions.     The most important time for the student to practice is immediately following the lesson – or at least on the same day as the […]

Effective Practice (That Doesn’t Take Forever)

By Mallory Livinston Let’s face it– sometimes practicing can get boring. Rehearsing the same songs over and over can at times take the fun out of the music. But you can’t move on to new pieces until you’ve got the basics and the concepts down from what you’re learning now. So what can you do? […]

Music So Relaxing Even Cows Stand For It

Contributed by Mallory Livingston, Executive Director &  Piano Teacher Have you ever just needed to focus at work and plugged into some of your personal jams to block out the other distracting noises? Or wanted to relax and turned the radio onto your favorite track to just take a moment? Have you ever sat down […]