The Power of Music in Fine-Tuning Fine Motor Skills

music and fine motor skills

You’ve probably heard that school-age children get an academic boost from musical training. But did you know that even babies and toddlers can develop more quickly when they start learning music?   It’s true. Younger children who participate in regular music-based activities generally have better fine motor skills than their peers. And the benefits keep […]

Tips for Making the Most of Your Vocal Lessons

tips for learning to sing

You want to make the most of your voice lessons, but you’re not sure if simply attending the lessons is enough.   Are there things you can do both during your lesson and during your practice time at home that can maximize your efforts?   The answer is “Yes!”   We’ve outlined 13 vocal lesson […]

The Connection Between Playing an Instrument and Memory Function

how do instruments improve memory

Maybe you like playing an instrument for the sheer joy it brings you, but playing an instrument also offers all kinds of benefits, like:   Improving reading and comprehension Better coordination Sharpening concentration; and Teaching discipline   Did you know that playing an instrument can help strengthen your memory, too?   Learn about how playing […]

11 Benefits of Learning an Instrument as a Child

benefits of playing instrument as a child

If you haven’t heard it for yourself, you’ve seen it in movies: the screech of a child’s instrument echoing through the house and leaving a trail of borderline bleeding ears in its wake.    Suppose you are considering music lessons for your child. In that case, you may be scrambling up a cost/benefit analysis in […]