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How to Help Your Child Learn Piano

At Northwest School of Music, one of the most common questions our teachers field from parents is: How can I help my child at home? As a parent, you know that your child is learning many new concepts each week when they attend their piano lesson. However, you

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Piano Lessons in Salem, Oregon at Northwest School of Music

The Best Age to Start Piano Lessons

There is no magic age at which all children are suddenly ready to start piano lessons. Children develop at different rates, and many different factors affect how they develop musically. Some children can begin at surprisingly young ages– the Mozarts of the world. While Northwest School of Music

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Helping Your Child Choose the Best Instrument

If your child is showing interest in music, you’ll definitely want to help them pursue that endeavor! Maybe, though, you’re not quite sure what instrument they should learn to play. You just know that your 4 year old won’t stop singing Mary Had a Little Lamb, your 6

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