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Music, and the Extensive Benefits of Training

Contributed by Mallory Livingston, Instructor of Piano & Voice   Art is an intricate part of humanity that is essential to mental, emotional and developmental welfare, and when absent, devalues and destroys the pieces that collectively brings us together as mankind. This is visible by studying neuroscience, biology,

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Q & A: How can I help my toddler become musical?

Our question today comes from Juliano, who’s wondering how he can help his toddler start learning to play the piano and develop musicality. Dear Northwest School of Music, My name is Juliano and I have a 1.5 years old daughter. I read your article http://nwschoolofmusic.com/help-child-learn-piano/ and it was very

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Does Musical Diversity Matter?

You’ve probably heard that listening to or playing music has certain cognitive effects. Music can help you relax, or help you focus while you study. Listening to it can even help to increase your IQ score! Playing music helps develop fine motor skills, coordination, focus, and attention span.

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