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Voice Lessons in Salem, OR​​

Do you have a passion for singing? Develop your singing skills with voice lessons at Northwest School of Music. We believe singing talent is best unlocked in an encouraging and upbeat environment. Register today to get a free trial lesson and experience the power of our voice lessons for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Voice Lessons in Salem

What Skills Levels Do You Teach?

We accommodate all skill levels of singing! Whether you’re an advanced singer or have just begun exploring your passion for singing, our voice instructors will encouragingly challenge your vocal capabilities with healthy singing techniques and help you unlock your true singing voice.

What Ages Do You Teach?

Our age requirement for singing lessons is 4 years old and up. Our musical instructors are experienced in teaching children and adults!

How Long Are Voice Lessons?

The length of voice lessons can vary based on:

  • Your skill level
  • Your personal preference; and 
  • Your instructor’s recommendations

We offer voice lessons in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments.

What Is the Commitment Requirement for Voice Lessons?

We offer voice lessons year-round. We only require month-to-month commitment requirements.

How Much Do Voice Lessons Cost?

Voice lessons can vary in cost depending on the membership level you choose. Click here to view our membership rates or contact us today for a personalized quote.

How Much Do Guitar and Bass Guitar Lessons Cost?

The cost of guitar or bass guitar lessons can vary depending on your membership. Click here to view our membership rates or contact us today to learn more about our pricing.

How Do I Sign Up for Voice Lessons?

Ready to develop your passion for singing? Click here to fill out a trial registration form and get a free session to make sure our Salem music school is a fit for you.


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