Guitar Lessons

Learn to play the guitar in a fun, encouraging, and up beat environment! Northwest School of Music offers guitar lessons for students of all ages, levels, and styles.


Beginner Guitar Lessons

For those with no prior training or experience, guitar begins with introductory study of the foundational concepts and techniques of playing guitar masterfully taught by utilizing a progressive series of well known songs from various musical genres. Incorporating fundamental technique into songs the students already know promotes a higher level of individualized learning to make playing the guitar an exciting and rewarding experience.

Lessons are individualized to each student’s specific genre preferences, skills, goals, and progress. During your one-on-one beginning guitar lessons you can expect to play familiar melodies, and learn technique, guitar care & maintenance, and basic music theory concepts including chords, tablature, and reading music.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Students who have been playing for 1 – 3 years have already learned the basic skills, and are ready to dive deeper into their favorite style of music. Our program makes sure that they get the opportunity to focus on the style that they are most interested in, while still continuing to progress through important fundamental skills.

Intermediate students grow in their understanding of music theory, picking and/or strumming techniques, and learn to read music more proficiently. The experienced instruction of pro guitar teachers Mr. Jake Cokeley and Mr. Trevor Fischer ensures that they truly enjoy learning these new skills and get the opportunity to explore and master a variety of songs.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

As an advanced student, you’ll continue to progress and be taught new, high-level techniques. Our instructors  will offer you qualified guidance that will allow you to continue to grow as a guitarist and reach new heights.

Group Guitar Classes

Next term begins: TBA, contact the office with interest
Ages 8-13 Beginners (level 1)  and Adult Beginners (level 1) are both offered!

Introductory class teaches all the fundamentals you need to know to get rockin’! Learn great, familiar songs, plus the skills you need to get a running start on ANYTHING you want to play.

Guitar class covers the basics of technique, including chords, strumming patterns, and basic picking.  Music theory is also introduced in an understandable and engaging way.

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