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Calendar & Events

Lesson Schedule

Northwest School of Music takes consistent instruction and practice seriously, therefore is open 47 weeks of the year.

There are no lessons the weeks of Spring Break and Thanksgiving, as well as the two weeks in observance of Holiday Celebrations, and one week in the Summer.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled by appointment. Once each student’s schedule is established, their lessons continue at the same day/time each week. We are happy to accommodate mutually agreeable scheduling adjustments.

Students attend private lessons 1 – 5 times per week,
depending on student’s preference & needs. NWSM observes five breaks each year usually following the Salem/Keizer School Districts (one week for Spring Break, Summer Break, Thanksgiving break, and two weeks observed for Winter Holiday celebrations).

Music Classes

Group music classes are available for students of all ages and ability levels.

Young beginners especially enjoy learning new skills in a fun, social setting. Classes are divided by age and skill level, and students may attend either on or two class sessions each week. Class size generally ranges from 3-7 students.

String, Vocal, Wind, and Piano Nights!

Northwest School of Music now holds different Musical Nights every quarter!

This is a free event and a casual time for students to share their music with peer groups to learn and grow and prepare for recitals. Participants are separated into general groups, not only by instrument type, but also by ages up to adult for a low key evening of music and fun!

Contact the office or speak with your instructor for further information to participate or come watch a Music Night!

Recital Readiness

Are you new to your instrument? Are you worried you may not be ready to jump into a recital?

Recital Readiness Nights are free, fun, and casual nights to learn all about what a recital entails as a performer, as well as a chance to practice a recital with other peers and beginners.

Sometimes recitals can be really scary or nerve-wracking, and that’s ok! It’s totally normal to have butterflies! Recital Readiness nights come before each major recital at NWSM so that everyone can be confidently prepared to make their debut as a musician.

Recitals & Concerts

There are multiple Recitals a year held by NWSM, usually at the Grande Historic Theatre downtown. With lots of fun opportunities, like Raffles and Prizes, these recitals are open to all students at NWSM who are prepared and ready to perform and share their music with others.

Recitals in 2019 included the Honors Spring Recital, Animation Celebration Recital, Recital 151 (for Adults), an Ugly Sweater Winter Recital, and more! NWSM also held their first formal Concert September 2019, featuring each instructor as well as one of their nominated honor students! This was a ticketed event and will remain a night to remember.


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