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How to Raise a Musical Child

So, you have great dreams for your child! Maybe you hope that one day they might be a world-famous pianist, or maybe you just want them to be able to enjoy music in a way you have never been able to. Maybe you are musical yourself, and want

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How to Get Your Child to Practice Piano

It is not enjoyable to do something that you are bad at. It is not fun to be a failure. Struggling is generally not a pleasurable experience.   Because of this, the less a student practices piano, the less a student wants to practice piano. If you do

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How to Choose the Best Piano Teacher

So you’ve found a few piano teachers, and now you’ve come to the hard part: which one do you actually choose? Maybe they all seem the same to you, or maybe they are impossibly different. Either way it’s a tough decision. (If you haven’t even found piano teachers

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Good Piano Teacher

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher

On the hunt for a good piano teacher? Congratulations! You are in pursuit of something of great value. A great piano teacher is a wonderful addition to your life. Piano teachers open the doorway to sounds previously unheard and emotions never felt before. The joys that come with

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