Monthly Tuition

Payments for private lessons are a fixed, monthly amount which is 1/12th of the total yearly tuition charge. This monthly tuition does not change based on the number of lessons scheduled or attended each month. The annual tuition covers 47 lessons each calendar year.

Payment is due each month by the 10th to avoid a $20 late fee.

Private Lessons

  • 30 minutes a week: $115 / month
  • 45 minutes a week: $160 / month
  • 60 minutes a week: $205 / month


Private Lessons (In-Home)

In-home lessons are offered for an additional $35 monthly fee.

Group Music Classes

Our group music classes provide a comprehensive musical education at an affordable price. The monthly tuition payments cover at least 45 weeks of class each calendar year, as well as additional, optional events and activities.

  • Toddler Tunes: $45 / month
  • Kindergarten, Elementary, and Middle School Music Classes: $85 / month
  • Intermediate & Advanced Classes: $105 / month


Group Music Classes—if in addition to Private Lessons

Students who enroll in private lessons are eligible to attend group classes as well for a reduced tuition rate of only $60 / month.

Registration & Materials

  • Registration and Materials Fee: 1st Child: $75; Siblings/Returning Students: $60

This annual, non-refundable fee covers registration, all books and materials needed, and a one year membership to NWSM’s music lending library.

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